With Gill Morris, GMT Training Director

Axiom Wax Academy is delighted to team up with acclaimed beauty
marketing expert, Gill Morris, to offer a new ‘Business Essentials’
workshop, aimed at propelling your hair removal business to the
next level.

As a hair removal practitioner and business owner you will often spend
all of your time on (and with) your clients, and may forget to spend
time looking after your business. Taking care of your business with the
same passion as you look after your customers will ensure that your
offering is better known to your target audience, and will ultimately mean
your work is more financially rewarding.

Gill’s new Business Essentials workshop introduces simple yet effective ways for you to grow your business during 2015, based on 4 key areas: retailing, keeping customers loyal, managing time and projects, and publicity and promotion.

Ideal for all salon owners and self-employed therapists, this is also the perfect follow-on from Gill’s popular ‘Marketing Essentials’ class for those wanting to take the next step.

Why is this course for you?

  • Retailing – face your fear of selling, plan for sales success and increase your earning potential.
  • Keeping customers loyal – discover how to evaluate the satisfaction of your existing clients, measure trends and unlock the financial benefits of quality customer care.
  • Managing time and projects – learn how to analyse where your time really goes, set goals and implement positive changes.
  • Publicity and promotion – explore how to tailor your promotions and target the right customers, for more effective results.

About Gill Morris

Gill has been heavily involved in the professional beauty industry for many years, initially as a therapist and salon owner and then as an influential marketer for manufacturers and suppliers. She is well known and highly regarded as an inspirational and motivational lecturer and trainer in the field of sales and marketing. Her practical experience, extensive knowledge and engaging delivery brings beauty management learning to life, and has assisted thousands of therapists and business owners in their goal for greater success.

Having worked with Gill myself in the past, I am thrilled to be in the position to offer you all this fantastic opportunity to benefit from her expertise. This really is one workshop you won’t want to miss!

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